Homogenisation Tubes & Bead Beating Tubes

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For automated lysis Stretton Scientific offer a range of pre-filled homogenisation consumables. The pre-filled sterilised tubes are supplied with a range of grinding media selected to optimise applications. The beads range from 2.8mm steel beads for highly resistant tissue such as bone and hair down to 0.1mm glass beads for bacteria,spores and yeast. High resistant format also available. The range is supplied as bags containing 50 tubes (25 if 15ml).

Precellys 2ml Lysing  Tubes (50 tubes per pack)

Catalogue no.Description
P000911-LYSK0-A.0CK28 Ceramic beads hard tissue homogenising tubes
P000912-LYSK0-A.0CK14 Ceramic beads soft tissue homogenising tubes
P000913-LYSK0-A.0VK05 Glass beads tough micro-organism lysing tubes
P000914-LYSK0-A.0VK01 Glass beads micro-organism lysing tubes
P000918-LYSK0-A.0CK mix homogenising tubes
P000915-LYSK0-A.0SK38 Soil grinding tubes
P000919-LYSK0-A.0CK01 bacteria lysing kit

Precellys 2ml Reinforced Lysing  Tubes (50 tubes per pack)

Catalogue no.Description
P000916-LYSK0-A.0CK28-R Re-inforced ceramic homogenising tubes
P000917-LYSK0-A.0MK28-R Re-inforced metal hard tissue homogenising tubes
P000923-LYSK0-A.0CK68-R dry hard tissue

Precellys 0.5ml Lysing Tubes (50 tubes per pack)

Catalog no.Description
P000933-LYSK0-A.0CK14 soft tissue homogenising tubes 0.5ml
P000934-LYSK0-A.0VK05 Glass bead homogenising tubes 0.5ml

Precellys Pre-filled  7ml Lysing Tubes (50 tubes per pack)

Catalogue no.Description
P000935-LYSK0-A.0CK28 7ml hard tissue homogenising tubes
P000936-LYSK0-A.0CK14/VK01 7ml Soil grinding tubes
P000937-LYSK0-A.0VK01/VK05 7ml Micro-organism homogenising tubes
P000938-LYSK0-A.0CK01 7ml Micro-organism lysing tubes
P000939-LYSK0-A.0CKMix50 7ml
P000940-LYSK0-A.0CK14 7ml soft tissue

 Precellys Pre-filled  15ml Lysing Tubes (25 tubes per pack)

Catalogue no.Description
P000947-LYSK0-A.0CK28 15ml hard tissue homogenising tubes
P000948-LYSK0-A.0CK01 15ml bacteria lysing tubes
P000949-LYSK0-A.0CKMix50 15ml bacteria lysing tubes
P000950-LYSK0-A.0CK68 15ml dry hard tissue homogenising tubes
P000961-LYSK0-A.0VK05 15ml dry hard tissue homogenising tubes

 Pre-filled  96 Well Plate for Evolution   (Price per 12 strips of 8 tubes)

Catalogue no.Description
P002137-LYSK0-A.0Soft Tissue Homogenising Ck14_WP
P002136-LYSK0-ATough micro-organism lysing VK05_WP