Cryolys Evolution

Monitored low temperature ensures the integrity of specific molecules such as proteins and RNA, giving downstream analysis better efficiency and sensitivity.

Cryolys® Evolution is the only patented integrated cooling unit preventing the increase of temperature during lysing. Based on dry ice sublimation, it enhances the efficiency of molecular extraction, resulting in premium quality analysis, maintaining the desired temperature between 0 and 10°C before and during homogenization.

Cryolys Evolution Cooling

Technical specifications

  • SIZE: L: 335mm, W: 335mm, H: 100mm WEIGHT: Full unit: 2,6 kg
    Detachable cooling module: 1,3 kg
  • CAPACITY: 1,5 kg of dry ice DRY ICE
  • CONSUMPTION: 1,5 kg for 30 min (run time)
  • TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENT Unit plugged to a Precellys® Evolution minimal height over bench: 70cm minimal depth of the bench: 70cm
  • Efficient cooling: before, during and after processing
  • No need for compressed air and power supply
  • Accurate temperature monitored by Precellys® Evolution software
  • Minimal bench space