NoZone® Workspaces

Eliminates Ozone Damage When Processing Arrays

Maintains Ozone Levels Below 5 ppb Typical day time ozone levels found in most laboratories can destroy Cy5 and other fluorescent dyes used with microarray samples. Studies show that ozone levels as low as 20 ppb can negatively effect array data (1,2). The NoZone Workspace (Cat. #1090-00-1) was developed to eliminate nagging concerns of ozone corrupted array data caused during array washing and scanning. The Workpace consists of a benchtop acrylic enclosure (Cat. #1090-10-1) with an external high efficiency ozone filtration system (Cat. #1090-20-1). The Workspace achieves and maintains ozone levels below 5 ppb within a few minutes after closing the door. The NoZone Workspace provides a clean, ozone-safe space for operating the Little Dipper Microarray Processor (Cat. #1080-00-1) and most microarray scanning equipment, including the GenePix scanner. Assembles Easily as a Benchtop Unit Performance Certified with EPA Approved Ozone Analyzer Each NoZone Workspace is tested at the factory to meet specifications using a highly sensitive and accurate EPA approved ozone analyzer. Test results are included with each system. Periodic testing of ozone levels within the enclosure is recommended and for that purpose, SciGene offers an ozone analyzer (Cat. #1090-40-1) for weekly rental within the continental U.S.

NoZone® Ozone Scrubber

The NoZone® Ozone Scrubber operates by forcing room air through a bed of proprietary catalyst that converts ozone (O3) into oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Any dust or other particles in the ozone depleted air that emerge from the catalyst cartridge is then removed by a HEPA filter before exiting the unit.

NoZone® WS Workspace

Bench top enclosure with external, high efficiency ozone filtration system that provides a clean, ozone-safe, low light workspace for microarray work. Use with the Little Dipper Processor or for manual sample preparation and slide processing.

NoZone® GP Workspace

Maintains Low Ozone Levels During Scanning Ozone levels as low as 20 ppb have been shown to degrade signals from Cy5 and other fluorescent dyes used with samples analyzed by microarrays.

Ozone Analyzer (Service Only)

Ozone levels as low as 20 ppb negatively affect microarray results. The most reliable way to measure ozone at these low levels is to use an ozone analyzer that employs the UV photometric method of measurement.

Ozon-Monitoring System

The AQ200/150 monitor is a cost-effective portable monitor that can be used to accurately measure Ozone concentrations between 5 and 150 ppb in air.